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About Us

Let me break this down the easiest and quickest way possible….

I got into a severe accident and ended up getting a traumatic brain injury. Long story short I have this invisible injury called post-concussion syndrome.

So naturally this changed my life and career, which led me into a big depression. After learning how to co-exist with this long lasting injury, I started thinking to myself that I needed to change my mindset into something positive!

I went back to the root of what I dreamt of doing but always thought it wasn’t “good enough” and that was… to park my butt on beaches around the world and make jewelry… yup! Low key, off the grid living with good vibes. So, I started travelling around the world and making jewelry. Which actually turned out to be one of my favourite outlets & helped me a lot in a therapeutic way.

After doing that for a bit I decided that I could probably kick it up a notch and branch off from the jewelry and expand into other things… cause…why not? So that’s how we grew into Off The Grid Co! 

All that to say that I want Off The Grid Co. to inspire people to live in the now. To be creative, spontaneous and adventurous and to always try to make any ugly circumstance into something great. :)


- Shia xo 


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