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Giving Back

Here at Off The Grid Co. We like to contribute in 3 ways


1 - Mental Health & Suicide Prevention - for every 'Mental Health' bracelet sold we will be donating 10% of our profits to the "Jack Org" foundation. Suicide is still the #1 health-related cause of death for young people in Canada. Jack Org increases education, improves attitudes, and is changing systems around mental health. 

2 - Racism & Equality - for every shirt sold we will be donating 10% of our profits to the "BLM Foundation". This is a global issue and needs to be addressed now. 

3 - With everything happening in the world we could not just choose one foundation. We want to maximize our contribution while bringing awareness with all the global issues that surround us. 

Every month we will be releasing a 'Featured Bracelet' - this bracelet will rotate the 4 following global issues that we will be donating to.

    • Elephant Sanctuary - The Elephant Freedom Project  
    • Sea Turtles - La Tortuga Feliz
    • Ocean Clean Up - The Ocean Cleanup 
    • Tree Planting - OneTreePlanted


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